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With the world’s largest South-South PhD and postdoctoral research fellowship programme, TWAS helps early-career researchers gain education and experience at top global science institutions. TWAS currently has over 460 PhD fellowships with 12 partners in seven countries, and over 150 postdoctoral fellowships with 15 partners in eight countries. TWAS-ROSSA aims to create awareness about the fellowships amongst scientists in sub-Saharan Africa and encourages applications from the region to take advantage of these opportunities. TWAS-ROSSA also encourages TWAS fellows and TWAS Young Affiliates to disseminate this information to their students and networks.

PhD Fellowships

For developing countries, and especially the Least Developed Countries (LDCs), PhD scientists help build a foundation for scientific strength and human prosperity. TWAS offers more than 460 PhD fellowships a year at some of the most respected institutions in the developing world. These fellowships are hosted in Brazil, China, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico and Pakistan. New fellowships in additional countries are expected in the near future.

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Scientists from developing countries who have recently earned their PhDs can gain invaluable experience from working with prominent scientists in a developing country through the TWAS postdoctoral fellowships. Postdoctoral fellowships, lasting from six months to three years, are hosted in Brazil, India, Iran, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, South Africa and Thailand. Additional fellowships in new countries are expected in the near future.

TWAS-NRF Postdoctoral Fellowship

TWAS-NRF postdoctoral fellowships are tenable at research institutions in South Africa for a minimum period of six months to a maximum period of three years. They are awarded to scientists from developing countries (other than South Africa) to enable them to pursue postdoctoral research in the natural sciences. The National Research Foundation (NRF) provides travel to and from South Africa, and a standard monthly allowance which should be used to cover living costs, such as accommodation, food and health insurance. The monthly stipend will not be convertible into foreign currency.

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CAS-TWAS Fellowship

This fellowship is also called the CAS-TWAS President’s PhD Fellowship Programme. Under an agreement between the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and TWAS, up to 200 students/scholars from all over the world, including 60 from developed countries, are sponsored to travel to China for PhD studies for up to four years.

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