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African Science Academies

  1. Académie des Sciences et Techniques du Sénégal (ANSTS)
  2. Académie Nationale des Sciences du Burkina (ANSB)
  3. Académie Nationale des Sciences et Technologies du Congo (ANSTC)
  4. Académie Nationale des Sciences, Arts et Lettres du Benin (ANSALB)
  5. Académie Nationale Des Sciences, Arts Et Lettres Du Togo (ANSALT)
  6. Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf)
  7. Academy of Sciences of Mozambique (ASM)
  8. African Academy of Sciences (AAS)
  9. Cameroon Academy of Sciences (CAS)
  10. Ethiopian Academy of Science (EAS)
  11. Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences (GAAS)
  12. Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology in Morocco
  13. Kenya National Academy of Sciences (KNAS)
  14. Madagascar's National Academy of Arts Letters and Sciences
  15. Mauritius Academy of Science and Technology (MAST)
  16. Nigerian Academy of Science (NAS)
  17. Sudanesse National Academy of Science (SNAS)
  18. Tanzania Academy of Sciences (TAS)
  19. The Uganda National Academy of Sciences (UNAS)
  20. Zambia Academy of Sciences (ZaAS)
  21. Zimbabwe Academy of Sciences (ZAS)

Kenya - Network of African Science Academies (NASAC)

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Non-Members of NASAC

Egypt - The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology

Botswana - Botswana Academy of Sciences: New Academy inargurated in June 2016

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