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Asfaw, Berhane

Category: TWAS Fellows
Asfaw is a paleoanthropologist and managing director of the Rift Valley Research Services. He obtained his BSc in geology from Addis Ababa University (1980), and PhD in anthropology from The University of California, Berkeley, USA (1988). His contributions are based on discovery and analysis of evidence spanning the last ten million years of human evolution. He has been involved in the discovery, recovery, analysis, and dating and naming of Chororapithecus, Ardipithecus, Australopithecus garhi, and Homo sapiens idaltu. His research and publications have demonstrated that anatomically modern humans were present in Africa 160,000 years ago. He is associate member of the National Academy of Science, USA; fellow, Academy of Sciences of Ethiopia; and permanent member, Academy of Ethiopian Languages and Cultures
First Names Berhane
Surname Asfaw
Nationality Ethiopia
Category Fellow
Year of Election 2010
Section 03-Biological Systems and Organism
Keywords Paleoanthropology; human evolution; Chororapithecus; Ardipithecus; Australopithecus garhi; and Homo sapiens idaltu.