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Wingfield, Brenda Diana

Category: TWAS Fellows
Wingfield (MSc, Minnesota, 1984; PhD, Stellenbosch,1989) has served on the academic faculties at U. of Stellenbosch, U. of the Free State and the U. of Pretoria where she is currently professor of genetics and deputy dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Agriculture. Her research focuses on the molecular, phyogenetics and population genetics of fungi, especially those that kill trees. More recently she has focused on developing a fungal genomics platform for important tree pathogens. She is the past chairperson of the National Science and Technology Forum in South Africa, member and council member of the South African Academy of Sciences, fellow of the Royal Society of South Africa and has received numerous awards for research including the Department of Science and Technology Distinguished Woman in Science Award (2008) and the African Union Women in Science Regional award (2009).
First Names Brenda Diana
Surname Wingfield
Nationality South Africa
Year of Election 2009
Section 01-Agricultural Sciences
Keywords Genetics; molecular and population genetics of fungi; fungal genomics and phylogenetics.