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Peerally, Muhammad Abed

Category: TWAS Fellows
Peerally (PhD 1968, Manchester U.) is prof. of agric. botany, U. of Mauritius (UoM 1983). He was vice pres., Intl. Mycolog. Assn., 1994-98; chairman, African Mycology C.tee, Intl. Mycolog. Assn., 1988-95; dean, Fac. of Science, UoM, 1994-96; chairman, Ex. C.tee, African Mycolog. Assn., 1992-95; pro vice-chancellor, res. and cons., 1996 -2001; vice-pres., Afr. Acad. of Scs. (AAS), 1995-98 and 1999-2002; member, Sci. and Techn. Council, Afr. Agency of Biotech., 1999-2002; Chairman, Road Devlpmt. Authority (2007-12), Mauritius; and editor-in-chief, UoM Research Journal. He was awarded First Prize (co-author), Fifth Intl. Congress of Infectious Diseases, Nairobi, 1992. He is Fellow, AAS (1992) and Mauritius Acad. of Sci. and Techn. (2007); Member Intl. Panel, Best Mauritian Scientist Prize; Mauritius Natl. Chairs (2011), and Chairman of the Panel, Best Mauritian Scientist Prize (2013).
First Names Muhammad Abed
Surname Peerally
Nationality Mauritania
Category Fellow
Year of Election 1990
Section 01-Agricultural Sciences
Keywords Plant pathology and mycology; science policy and management; Einstein relativity theories; inflationary epoch, concept of origin of universe; reality of consciousness and the origin of the universe.