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Mboup, Souleymane

Category: TWAS Fellows
Mboup is professor and chief of the Bacteriology-Virology Lab, Faculté Mixte de Médecine et de Pharmacie de Dakar. He is founding member and chairman of the West and Central African AIDS Research Network and chairman of the HIV Sentinel Surveillance Program, Senegalese Natl. Committee of AIDS Prevention. He has been instrumental in the initial identification of HIV-2 in Senegal and has conducted studies that have led to a better understanding of the evolution and pathogenesis of both types of HIV. Member of the Governing Council of the Intl. AIDS Society, he has written over 400 articles and 13 books, and edited the book AIDS in Africa. He got his doctorate in pharmacy at the University of Dakar, his MS (immunology) at the Institut Pasteur, and PhD (bacteriology and virology) at the Univ. of Tours, France. He is member of the Senegalese Academy of Sciences and Technologies.
First Names Souleymane
Surname Mboup
Nationality Senegal
Category Fellow
Year of Election 2000
Section 04-Medical and Health Sciences incl. Neurosciences
Keywords HIV, AIDS; multidisciplinary research.