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Kuku, Aderemi Oluyomi

Category: TWAS Fellows
Kuku is Pres., Afr. Acad. of Sciences, Nairobi, Kenya, and Dist. Prof. of Math. and Computnl. Sci., Botswana Intl. U. of Sci. and Techn. (BIUST). He retired from ICTP in 2003, then served as vis. prof., U. of Iowa; Ohio State U., Columbus; Max-Planck-Inst. für Math., Bonn; IHES, Paris; member, Inst. for Adv. Study, Princeton; vis. res. prof., MSRI, Berkeley; dist. vis. prof., Miami U., Oxford, OH; William W.S. Claytor prof. of math., Grambling State U., Louisiana. He was also prof. and head of maths.; dean, Post-Grad. School, U. of Ibadan, Nigeria; and pres., Afr. Math. Union (AMU). He is fellow of: Afr. Acad. of Scs, Nig. Acad. of Scs., Eur. Acad. of Arts, Sci. and Humanities, and for. fellow, Mongolian Acad. of Sciences. Other honours: AMU medal; Dist. Achiev. Award, US Natl. Assoc. of Mathematicians; Hon. Pres., AMU; Officer, Order of the Niger; and Nigerian Natl. Order of Merit.
First Names Aderemi Oluyomi
Surname Kuku
Nationality Niger
Category Fellow
Year of Election 1989
Section 08-Mathematical Sciences
Keywords lgebraic K-theory; algebraic topology; group representations; algebraic number theory; non-commutative geometry; quantum groups; applications of mathematics to development.