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Prizes and Awards

The regional office annually administers the nomination and selection processes for the Regional Young Scientists’ Prize. The themes of the prize are preset by the regional office usually to be aligned with the African Union year theme. After the applications are received from the call, TWAS Fellows in the region are given the first preference to make the initial evaluation and pre-selection of the top ranked candidates from the information supplied.  From there, the Selection Committee appointed by TWAS-ROSSA from among the fellows who volunteer to be part of it do the final selection of the winner of the prize.

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Each year, the regional office administers the nomination and selection processes for the TWAS Regional Prize. There are preset themes that change annually for the prize.  After the applications have been received the TWAS Fellows in sub-Saharan Africa are given the opportunity to evaluate and pre-select the top ranked candidates.  The top ranked candidates are then taken for further scrutiny by the Selection Committee into which TWAS Fellows volunteer themselves.

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