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TWAS 2017 Prizes and 2017 TWAS-Siwei Cheng Prize in Economic Sciences: Closing 31 March 2017

The TWAS 2017 Prizes will be awarded to in recognition of an outstanding contribution to knowledge in the following nine fields of science:  Agricultural Sciences; Biology;  Chemistry;  Earth, Astronomy and Space Sciences; Engineering Sciences; Mathematics;  Medical Sciences; Physics and Social Sciences (excluding Economic Sciences). The newly established TWAS-Siwei Cheng Prize in Economic Sciences will be awarded to an individual scientist for outstanding contribution in both understanding and addressing economic sciences.

In each field, candidates for the above mentioned prizes must meet at least one of the following qualifications:

  • Scientific research achievement of outstanding significance for the development of scientific thought.
  • Outstanding contribution to the application of science and technology to sustainable development.

The outstanding contribution may be defined in relation to existing opportunities and realistic possibilities available to the candidate. This applies particularly to candidates from scientifically disadvantaged countries.

In either cases candidates must be individual scientists who have been living and working in a developing country for at least ten years immediately prior to their nomination.

Members of TWAS and candidates for TWAS membership are not eligible for these prizes.

On behalf of the TWAS Council, you are invited to nominate qualified candidates to be considered for these prizes. Please especially consider women scientists and candidates from scientifically lagging countries.

The nominations for the above mentioned prizes can only be submitted electronically through the new on-line platform by clicking on the “Nominate Now” button available from the following web pages:

Ø  http://twas.org/opportunity/twas-prizes
Ø  http://twas.org/opportunity/twas-siwei-cheng-prize-economic-sciences

NB: Closing date to submit complete nominations is 31 March 2017

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